You Have Plenty of Prosthetic Options for Tooth Replacement

For adults, a missing tooth isn’t the end of the world. Of course the experience of losing a tooth can be physically and emotionally painful. No one wants to feel self conscious about their smile. The good news is that your dentist can set you up with any number of prosthetic dentistry options to replace your missing tooth. You don’t have to live with a missing tooth, and you shouldn’t replacing your tooth helps to prevent further oral health issues. In this week’s blog, we cover all of your prosthetic dentistry options.

Partial or Complete Dentures Address Extensive Tooth Loss

You’re probably already familiar with this first option for tooth replacement. You may be aware of dentures, but you might not know that they’re actually a versatile replacement option. You can receive a complete set of dentures to replace an entire dental ridge. However, you can also receive a partial denture, which replaces only the teeth that are missing. This is a great option for complex patterns of tooth loss. Just like a complete denture, the partial includes a gum-colored base fixed with replacement teeth.

Dental Bridges Replace Single Teeth or a Series of Teeth

The nature of your tooth loss is likely to determine the best replacement option for you. If you have a series of missing teeth, or even just a single missing tooth, a dental bridge can work for you. Dental bridges consist of two bookending dental crowns that have pontics (replacement teeth) between them. The crowns fit over your healthy teeth, using their stability to hold the bridge in place. Replacing missing teeth can ensure that your bite stays in alignment, and you don’t create any extra wear on your other teeth.

Dental Implants Offer Maximum Stability for Replacement Teeth

If you’re looking for the prosthetic option that most closely resembles (in function) a natural tooth, explore dental implants. Dental implants are biocompatible titanium screws that are surgically implanted into your jawbone. This gives them the strength and durability of tooth roots. That means you can typically expect the same bite power and function that you enjoyed before losing the tooth. Implants are fitted with a dental crown on top to match the appearance of your other teeth as well.

Coppertop Family Dentistry Provides Prosthetic Options for Your Replacement

Losing a tooth isn’t easy, but replacing it can be. Coppertop Family Dentistry is here to help restore your smile with a beautiful dental prosthetic. Dr. Olson will help you determine the right option — dentures, a bridge, or implants — for your specific case. Then, the Coppertop team will fabricate your prosthetic. You can schedule a consultation by contacting Coppertop Family Dentistry in Redmond, OR at 541-923-5927.