Show Your Damaged Tooth a Little Love

It’s the season of love, and while you may be sharing the occasion with a significant other, you can’t forget to show yourself some love. If you have a severely damaged tooth, you may not know what you can do to fix the problem. Talking to your dentist is always the first step. You may actually be surprised to find that restoring your tooth is easier than you thought. Same-day dental crown technology actually allows your dentist to measure, fabricate, and set your restorative dental crown all in one office visit.

If You Love Your Teeth, It’s Time to Take Care of Them

Many people will realize that one or several of their teeth have a problem, but not do anything to address the issue. If you notice chronic pain or sensitivity in your tooth, or you can visibly see a cavity, there is a problem. The fear over the cost or timetable of treatment can scare many people away from the dentist’s office. Of course some people also have dental anxiety to overcome. If you love your teeth, you need to see your dentist for a diagnosis. Contemporary dental technology makes it possible to care for your teeth without a ton of hassle.

Dental Crowns Cover and Protect Vulnerable Teeth

Dental crowns are a common treatment option for damaged teeth. A dental crown is fabricated to look and fit like your existing tooth. The crown is placed over the vulnerable tooth to protect it from future physical and biological damage. If your tooth’s structural integrity has been compromised by severe infection or cracking, a crown can act as a shield that allows you to still comfortably use the tooth. Your dentist will use measurements of your existing tooth and surrounding teeth to ensure the crown fits properly.

Same-Day Dental Crowns Make Treatment Easier Than Ever

Dental crowns have been used as a restorative treatment method for a long time. The downside to this treatment in the past has been the timetable. You needed an initial consultation visit. Then you’d have your teeth measured and receive a temporary crown while your actual crown was fabricated. Then you’d have to come back in and have the temporary crown removed (an unpleasant experience) and the actual crown placed. With same-day dental crown technology, your dentist can consolidate this whole process into one visit.

Coppertop Family Dentistry Offers Same-Day Dental Crowns

The Coppertop Family Dentistry team understands that you don’t always have the time for a long recovery. We want to make our patient experience the best it can be, which is why we embrace technology like same-day dental crowns. We can fabricate your dental crown and help restore your damaged tooth in one visit. To learn more about same-day dental crowns, contact Coppertop Family Dentistry in Redmond, OR at 541-923-5927.