Are You Reluctant to Receive a Tooth Filling?

For many people, dentist visits aren’t just another agenda item. Some people struggle with making appointments because of negative past experiences. Some people just put the appointments off because they’re inconvenient. That can make it difficult to seek treatment for problems like cavities. Cavities are serious oral health problems that will get worse over time. A tooth filling can repair damage to the tooth, visually restore the tooth, and prevent the need for more serious treatment. This is why when you develop a cavity, you need to treat the problem right away.

Tooth Fillings Repair Damage and Protect Against Future Damage

The reason that you receive a tooth filling is because you have a hole in your tooth — that’s what a cavity is. When bacteria build up on the surface of your tooth and form plaque, they metabolize acid, which destroys the enamel of your tooth. Over time, more and more enamel is lost, and you end up with a hole in your tooth. Filling that hole with a dental filling restores the volume of tooth that you lost, and it prevents bacteria from building up in the cavity it already created.

Tooth-Colored Fillings Create a Visual Restoration

If your apprehension about receiving a dental filling has to do with appearance, you don’t need to worry. Many people don’t like the esthetic that a metal filling creates — it’s not exactly discreet. However, metal fillings aren’t your only option. Your dentist can place a tooth-colored filling instead. These fillings are still durable, but they’re made with dental porcelain or dental resin to match the appearance of your tooth. You’ll be surprised by how little you’ll notice your dental filling once it’s placed.

Chronic Tooth Decay Will Compound Your Problems if You Do Nothing

If you’re still hesitant to receive a dental filling, you should know that this is as simple as your solutions are going to get. Tooth decay is a chronic, progressive condition. That means that your teeth won’t just “get over it” in time. The condition will worsen until a dental filling is no longer sufficient treatment. Then, you’ll need more significant restoration option, like a dental crown, to repair the damage. This adds cost, time, and hassle to the treatment. In the case of any oral health issue, it’s better to treat the condition right away.

Coppertop Family Dentistry Offers Tooth-Colored Fillings

If you need a discreet solution for your cavity, Coppertop Family Dentistry can help. Biocompatible tooth-colored resin will ensure that no one even notices that you’ve had a cavity after treatment. Don’t let oral health problems linger. To schedule an appointment for a dental filling, contact Coppertop Family Dentistry in Redmond, OR at 541-923-5927.