Why You Must Stop Progressive Tooth Decay

Progressive diseases are ones that gain momentum over time. The longer you wait to address the issue at hand, the worse the outcome can be for you. It’s not only life-threatening diseases like cancer that can be progressive. While you may not think of cavities as particularly serious problems, the tooth decay that causes cavities is progressive. When cavities develop on your teeth, it’s a sign that something is wrong. The bacteria that cause cavities will continue to wear away at your enamel and into the pulp of your tooth unless you stop it.

Progressive Tooth Decay Starts with Cavities and Gets More Serious

The fix for a cavity is relatively simple. Your dentist can remove the bacteria buildup and then administer a dental filling to repair the structure of your tooth. However, if the cavity is particularly severe, the fix might require something more significant, like a dental crown. If you’re able to repair your cavity quickly, it can be the end of your problems. If you wait, more serious consequences are coming.

Root Canal Therapy Can Treat Progressive Tooth Decay

Root canal therapy is used to treat infected tooth roots. When bacteria spread through your tooth, they can reach the tooth roots and use the root canals to spread to other oral tissues. This can lead to more complicated infections and sinus issues. Root canal therapy is a process that your dentist uses to access your root canals and clean out the bacteria before repairing the damage.

Proactive Dental Care Prevents Problems Like Progressive Tooth Decay

When you develop a consistent home care routine and you make regular visits to your dentist, you drastically reduce the likelihood that you’ll suffer from a condition like tooth decay. By following up on treatments — like dental fillings — right away, you can prevent the need for more extensive treatment later.

Coppertop Family Dental Provides Comprehensive Dental Care

Whether your tooth needs a filling, or your treatment needs are much more significant, Coppertop can help. Dr. Olson and his team are ready to treat your teeth and halt the problems that accompany progressive tooth decay. To schedule your appointment for care, contact Coppertop Family Dentistry in Redmond, OR at 541-923-5927.