Family Dentistry Protects Everyone’s Teeth

Modern life can be hectic and fast-paced, but that doesn’t mean you should compromise on what’s important. Your family’s health and overall wellbeing are paramount. When you can find a single place that cares for your family’s oral health, you’ll save yourself time, and you’ll be able to rest assured that your family is in good hands. A family dentistry caters to everyone’s needs and protects everyone’s teeth. Not every patient has the same oral health needs, and when you choose a family dentistry, you’ll work with a staff of professionals that understands that.

Family Dentistry Provides Preventive Early Care for Children

Keeping your child’s teeth healthy sets them up for a bright future. By taking your child to the dentist (and finding a dentist that caters to children) regularly, you set an expectation and create a positive association with the dentist. This encourages your child to continue making appointments as he or she gets older. Preventive care for children is vital to getting ahead of cavities and other potential problems.

Adults Need a Variety of Dentistry Treatments

Ideally, regular dentist visits and a regimented approach to home care will keep your teeth healthy throughout your entire life. However, tooth decay happens. As an adult, you may need a wide variety of services. You’ll need checkups and cleanings to keep your teeth healthy. You may need restorative treatment — like a dental crown or dental filling — to restore the health of your teeth. You may also look into cosmetic treatment to improve the appearance of your smile.

Elderly Patients May Need Tooth Replacements

You only have one set of adult teeth throughout your life, and they can wear down over time. If you suffer tooth loss, you need a solution that restores your bite and the appearance of your smile. Elderly patients in particular may need prosthetic dentistry options. By working with a family dentistry, you can meet everyone’s needs.

Coppertop Family Dentistry Provides Care for Everyone

When you’re able to schedule everyone’s dental treatment at one office, your life gets much easier. The friendly staff at Coppertop is prepared to treat each member of the family with the right approach and care. To schedule your appointment with Coppertop Family Dentistry, contact the Redmond, OR office at 541-923-5927.