Learn More About Ultrasonic Scaling

If your teeth have led a relatively healthy life, you may be unfamiliar with ultrasonic scaling. However, if your dentist has recommended this treatment method, you may want to learn more about the process. Simply put, “scaling” is a procedure during which your dentist carefully accesses the roots of your teeth to clean away bacteria buildup. After removing the bacteria, your dentist will probably also perform “root planing,” which smooths out the roots of your teeth so that bacteria don’t have easy hiding places. Scaling and root planing are effective methods for combating gum disease.

Gum Disease Is a Product of Inflammation Beneath the Gum Line

You’re familiar with plaque. It’s the bacteria-rich biofilm that forms on the surfaces of your teeth over time. Plaque buildup is natural, and brushing your teeth and flossing regularly are great ways to disrupt the formation of plaque so that you don’t suffer tooth decay. You may not be aware that plaque can affect tooth surfaces that you don’t even see. Plaque can sink beneath your gum line and cause decay in your tooth roots. It can also lead to inflammation beneath the gums that causes gum disease over time.

Ultrasonic Scaling Is an Effective, Efficient Method for Removing Plaque

Scaling has been used by dentists for many years as a method of cleaning beneath the gum line. However, ultrasonic scaling is a contemporary practice that increases precision and leads to less discomfort or recovery. Using ultrasonic waves, your dentist can disrupt plaque and tartar formation. Once the biofilm has been broken up, it becomes much easier and more efficient for your dentist to remove the bacteria from your teeth.

Coppertop Family Dentistry Provides Ultrasonic Scaling Treatment

Gum disease has serious ramifications. If left unchecked, it can lead to a lifetime of treatment. You can avoid gum disease by staying diligent with your home care routine, and working with your dentist when you notice a problem. Coppertop Family Dentistry is proud to provide modern dental technology for patients, like ultrasonic scaling, to give you an optimal experience. Make your appointment with Coppertop Family Dentistry by calling the Redmond, OR office at 541-923-5927 today.