Give Your Tooth The Relief It Needs With A Root Canal

Tooth decay is a progressive condition. That means that when you develop a cavity, your problem doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It isn’t just a cavity that you can address whenever you see fit. Your cavities will worsen the longer you leave them untreated. That’s why spotting a cavity early on may lead to only a minor procedure; you may not even need anesthetic. Letting a cavity go will compromise the integrity of the tooth, and ultimately lead to the need for a dental crown and/or root canal. If you’ve got a damaged tooth, give it the relief it needs with root canal therapy.

A Root Canal Provides Relief by Removing Bacteria from Your Tooth

The roots of your tooth are the deepest part. They bond your tooth to your jaw bone and hold it in place. When bateria infiltrate these root canals, it means that your tooth decay is severe. You need to address it as soon as possible with root canal therapy. This procedure involves your dentist creating a small hole to access your roots. He or she will clean the bacteria out of the roots, which stops the decay. Then, your dentist will use a biocompatible, rubber-like substance to fill in the area worn away by bacteria.

After Your Root Canal, Your Tooth Will Likely Need a Dental Crown

The need for root canal therapy is typically an indicator of severe tooth decay. In order to preserve your tooth, your dentist will likely recommend a dental crown. The crown acts as a shield against future damage while providing functional and aesthetic benefits for your tooth. Without the dental crown, your vulnerable tooth may be subject to physical or bacterial damage.

Don’t Hold Off on Treating Tooth Decay in Any Form

Dental anxiety can prevent patients from seeking the help they need. Don’t let a cavity linger. If you think you may have experienced tooth decay, contact Coppertop Family Dentistry and schedule an appointment right away. You don’t want your condition to worsen. To make an appointment for treatment or a consultation, contact Coppertop Family Dentistry in Redmond, OR at 541-923-5927 today.