The Therapeutic Effects of Root Canals

When root canals are referenced in television shows, they’re depicted as particularly arduous dental procedures. However, root canals are extremely important treatments that provide therapeutic effects for damaged teeth. If your dentist recommends a root canal, it’s best to heed his or her advice. Root canals can clean out infection from teeth that are at risk of being lost or trafficking bacteria to other parts of your body. Plus, when you work with the right dentistry team, your root canal procedure can be a relatively hassle-free experience. It’s time to remove any reservations or anxieties about root canals. Here’s how this procedure could be helping you.

Root Canal Therapy Cleans Out Infected Tooth Roots

The procedure is right there in the name. Your “root canals” are the deepest parts of your tooth. These canals lead to the rest of the tissue in your mouth, making them dangerous places for infection. Bacteria buildup in your root canals can spread to other tissues in your mouth, as well as the rest of your body. Root canal therapy is performed by your dentist creating a small hole through which he or she can access this inner part of your tooth. Your dentist can then remove all of the infected pulp from your tooth root. Your dentist will then plug the tooth to ensure no further infection occurs.

Your Dentist May Advise You to Receive a Dental Crown After a Root Canal

While a root canal can clean out and preserve your tooth, the vulnerable tooth may still be compromised in its integrity. In these situations, your dentist may advise placing a dental crown on top of the vulnerable tooth. If the infection isn’t too pervasive, your dentist may simply place a filling in the tooth. In either case, cleaning out bacterial infection is the most important part.

Talk to Your Dentist About How to Prevent Cavities

If you need root canal therapy, it’s best to receive this treatment as soon as possible, because tooth decay will only get worse over time. In order to avoid getting to this point at all, you should make regular visits to your dentist for cleanings and checkups. If it’s time for your next dentist appointment, trust Dr. Olson and the Coppertop team for your care. To make an appointment for any procedure or checkup, contact Coppertop Family Dentistry in Redmond, OR at 541-923-5927.