Restoring a Tooth Has Never Been Easier

Tooth decay can wreak havoc on your mouth if you leave it unchecked. Bacteria build up over time and produce acid that wears away at your enamel. When this decay becomes severe, you may need more than just a simple dental filling to correct the problem. In order to restore the function and appearance of your vulnerable tooth, you may need a dental crown. A crown works like a sort of helmet or shield for your tooth. The crown is custom-made to fit over the damaged tooth and prevent future decay, as well as physical damage that could harm a structurally weakened tooth. Now, thanks to advancements in dental technology, it has never been easier to receive this kind of tooth restoration.

CEREC Dental Crowns Provide a Same-Day Restoration for Your Tooth

Your dentist can use a high-tech CEREC device to create a detailed digital image of your tooth and mouth. This precise tool ensure that the crown your dentist creates will fit over your current tooth and around your other teeth. That same device can then carve your dental crown out of porcelain in the dentist’s office. That means you’ll be able to walk away with a custom-made crown all in one visit. That’s a restoration process that’s easy to commit to.

CEREC Technology Simplifies the Restorative Process in so Many Ways

Dental crowns are a necessary fix, and a great solution for damage teeth. However, the traditional process for crown fittings was lengthy and hassle-inducing. You would need a dental exam, x-rays or other imaging procedures, a mold-fitting, a temporary crown placement, then an additional appointment for the actual crown fitting. CEREC technology eliminates many of these annoying steps and makes it easier to get your tooth back to its best.

Talk to Coppertop About CEREC Same-Day Crowns

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