Get Fillings Done Right Away

If you’ve got a cavity, you need a filling — it’s as simple as that. No matter what the reason for your tooth decay, you’ll want to handle the issue as soon as possible. Tooth decay is a process that takes time. The longer you let it go, the worse your condition will get. While fillings can be a little intimidating, especially for those individuals who don’t particularly look forward to their dental visits, they’re much better than the alternative. Thanks to modern technology, many fillings can be done without much sedation, and the procedures don’t take long at all. Get your fillings done right away to give yourself the best experience possible.

A Cavity Is the Warning Sign for Much More Serious Problems

While they are problems in their own right, consider cavities like a warning sign. As plaque and decay spread, the problems worsen. Getting a filling done now can save you from having to undergo a root canal, or potentially losing the tooth later. However you feel about getting dental fillings, you’d probably rather have one of those than need a dental crown or bridge. There are many extensive restorative dental procedures, and to avoid having to familiarize yourself with them, getting your filling done is the best option.

Tooth-Colored Fillings Make Your Mouth Brand New

Okay, so ideally, you’ll never end up with any cavities and your teeth will stay 100% in tact for the rest of your life. More practically however, something will come up. A cavity doesn’t have to disrupt your bite or the appearance of your smile. Biocompatible, tooth-colored resin is a popular filling choice, because it blends in seamlessly with the rest of your tooth. This filling option is also ideal for fitting to the exact shape of your cavity.

Need an Appointment for a Tooth Filling?

Talk to Dr. Olson right away if you think you need a tooth filling. Remember, the problems that arise from cavities and decay will only worsen if you don’t act. Restore your smile and bite with an easy procedure. Schedule an appointment with the Coppertop Family Dentistry office in Redmond, OR at 541-923-5927.