Veneers: Your Quick Intro To The Essentials

If you’re someone who has just begun your journey toward getting to know cosmetic dental care options for a better looking smile, you might not have a lot of information about porcelain veneers. To get down to the important details that you’re curious about, we invite you to check out our quick rundown we have provided for you. If you like what you learn, it may be time to come in for a consultation to see if they’re just right for your grin.

Veneers Do Almost Anything

When you’re looking for the multi-tasking cosmetic care treatment that can help you do specific things (like brighten your smile or fill in spaces) or a whole lot of things at once (for instance, to brighten your smile, fill spaces, improve smile symmetry and tooth length, and more all at once), well … porcelain veneers may be just what you’ve been trying to find. They’re completely customizable!

Veneers Offer Partial Coverage

Here’s what we mean when we say that porcelain veneers offer partial coverage: They’re not opaque, instead they are translucent and made of lots of super-thin layers of porcelain. The result? A casing that looks surprisingly similar to real tooth tissue. Now, about the full package: They aren’t crowns, so they don’t cover up the entire structure of your tooth. Instead, they sit in place to camouflage the part that shows when you smile. The rest of your tooth will remain uncovered. The result is a lovely smile improvement that uses subtle changes to achieve dramatic beautification.

Make Over Your Smile With Veneers

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