Toothpaste Questions You Want Answered!

If you’ve got toothpaste questions, we’ve got answers that will assist you with your dental hygiene. When you aren’t sure about which type of paste you should be using, how much, and other questions that might seem simple, you’re actually missing essential knowledge that can make or break your brushing session! Let’s make sure you’ve got the basics covered (and always keep in mind that we are happy to answer anything at all during your visits).

Questions and Answers

Question: Is there anything I should know when it comes to picking up toothpaste from the drugstore? Are there features I should check off of my list, so I know I’m making a solid purchase?

Answer: Yes, you should know that it’s not about price or a fancy brand. You need to pay attention to the following: Choose paste accepted by the American Dental Association (ADA), with a flavor that you enjoy, paste that does not have abrasive ingredients in it, and one that contains fluoride.

Question: How much toothpaste should I be using when I brush each time? I assume I need to cover the entire length of the bristles with paste, so my dental hygiene session is worthwhile.

Answer: Nope, you don’t need that much (it’s a waste!). You need a dollop that measures somewhere in the neighborhood of a “pea-size” amount.

Question: Is it really worth purchasing toothpaste that says it can help with sensitivity? Is it okay to use this during dental hygiene if my teeth tend to remain on the sensitive side?

Answer: It really is worth using ADA accepted toothpaste that will assist you with sensitivity. Use it as directed (and don’t skip a session), so it offers the results you’re looking for. As for sensitivity, make sure you mention it during your next visit.

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