Putting An End To Tooth Decay With Restorative Dental Care

When a cavity forms, it takes professional dental care to put a stop to it. Sure, you can take care of your teeth, and limit the development of minor tooth decay into a cavity. Unfortunately, once a cavity forms, your dentist needs to provide you with restorative dental care – it will not heal or improve on its own. Different treatments are called for when it comes to cavity care. This is due to the way ongoing decay causes worsening damage. For example, if too much of your tooth needs to be removed, a filling will not be able to provide proper restoration. Your dentist will base your treatment on current state of your cavity.

Addressing Tooth Decay By Providing A Dental Filling

Smaller cavities can be treated with a dental filling, which will take up the space left behind by excised enamel. While this provides lasting support, it can take a dental crown to protect a tooth when too much material has to be removed.

What Kind Of Treatment Will I Need For An Advanced Cavity?

An advanced cavity can call for a more involved degree of restorative care. If your dentist needs to remove an infection that has moved to your pulp, they will have to perform a root canal treatment. During this procedure, infected living tissue is removed from the tooth, and the chamber is safely sealed. Once complete, your dentist can outfit your tooth with a crown. Unfortunately, not everyone who comes in with a serious cavity can still have their tooth saved. The worst levels of dental damage will make a tooth extraction necessary.

Restorative Dental Care Is Available From Coppertop Family Dentistry

At Coppertop Family Dentistry, you can receive care for a cavity from Dr. Olson in an environment that is welcoming, modern, and caring. In addition to restorative work, our practice provides cosmetic care, and we can take care of your needs through regular preventive appointments, too. Are you ready to come in for care? Contact us at our local Redmond, OR office at 541-923-5927 to arrange an appointment. Our patient forms are made available online.