Dental Contouring: Get To Know This Smile Solution!

Do you know what to make of dental contouring? If you’ve already learned about dental bonding, which is the cosmetic treatment used to help your teeth look like they have additional tissue, then think of contouring as bonding’s best friend. Instead of adding tissue, we will take some away to reshape teeth so they look better (and so your whole smile is a much prettier looking feature). Find out more!

Contouring Is…

Dental contouring is a cosmetic procedure that’s conservative in nature but that offers significant improvement. By polishing tooth tissue away, we can improve the contour (or outline) of your teeth. Remember, it’s as simple as that: We will smooth down extremely limited portions of your enamel (only when it’s safe) for beautiful results.

It Works For…

Dental contouring generally works for anyone in need of cosmetic help for issues like the following:

  • A tooth that is very pointy or sharp, which you wish was smoother and not so pointed
  • A tooth that overlaps another by just a little bit
  • A tooth that’s quite long (in comparison to those around it)
  • A funny looking tooth
  • A tooth with poor texture or uneven borders

It Has A Reputation As…

It’s known as a treatment that requires a small investment. If budget is on your mind, this should suit your needs.

It Will Take About…

One visit! Fortunately, you can rest assured that dental contouring is not something that’s going to take much time. The process of gently reshaping your teeth with delicate polishing takes just a quick session. So, you can see the changes quickly, while you feel much better about your smile.

See Us For Contouring To Reshape Teeth

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