Preventive Dentistry: The Essential Details

What is preventive dentistry, you may wonder to yourself? You may already recognize that it helps protect your teeth and gums but that doesn’t mean you have any additional details on the topic. In short, it’s a field of dental care that provides you with efforts, tips, and guidelines for avoiding oral health problems, rather than attempting to treat them after they have already developed and caused damage. Want some additional information? We are happy to share it.

Why You Need It

You need preventive dentistry because there are, unfortunately, a lot of potential problems that can negatively affect your oral health. For instance, there are hygiene-related illnesses that come from neglected teeth and gums (and that are progressive enough to destroy your tissues). Then, there are functional disorders that can disrupt the natural working order of your mouth, resulting in discomfort and challenges. Prevention will allow you to avoid all of these issues.

What It Includes At Home

Preventive dentistry at home simply requires you to keep your mouth clean. You may accomplish this through daily brushing and flossing. The basics include:

  • Brush in the morning with a soft bristle brush and toothpaste that includes fluoride
  • Brush again in the evening
  • Add a flossing session to your morning or evening brushing session
  • Brush your tongue, too

What It Includes From Us

As for your professional preventive dentistry you require, you should be coming in to see us regularly. This means checkups as well as cleanings that happen during one visit, scheduled once every six months. Pretty easy and very effective.

Protect Your Oral Health By Practicing Preventive Care

Protect your oral health with preventive dentistry, so your smile stays healthy and gorgeous. Schedule a visit with Coppertop Family Dentistry in Redmond, OR today by contacting us at (541) 923-5927.