Checkups And Cleanings: Intro Q&A

You know that protecting your smile means getting serious about preventive care. Of course, the professional aspect of this area of your smile care includes coming in for checkups and dental cleanings! While you may feel completely ready to commit to these treatments, you might notice you don’t have a lot of information on the topic. To help guide you toward your best looking (and healthiest) smile, we’ve got a Q&A session all ready for you, so you can soar through your professional prevention with flying colors!

Questions and Answers

Question: What is the purpose of a dental cleaning?

Answer: Of course, you’re brushing and flossing at home, so why do you need additional care? The reason you need our professional assistance with keeping your smile clean: Your brushing and flossing are beneficial but do not leave you with immaculate tooth surfaces. We will come in to clean up all that your brush and dental floss miss. You may then avoid problems like cavities and gingivitis.

Question: Why do I need to come see you for a dental checkup?

Answer: You come in for both a dental cleaning and a checkup because things can go wrong with your oral health. Fortunately, if we see you consistently, we can catch these problems before they become serious, treat them, and send you on your merry way with a very healthy smile.

Question: When should I be seeing you for these visits?

Answer: If you want to practice your preventive care just as we suggest for optimal smile health, we always recommend a dental cleaning and checkup two times a year. Space the visits apart by about six months and you’re right on target!

Come In For Twice Annual Cleanings And Checkups

Remember that seeing us every six months for cleanings and checkups is essential in providing yourself with optimal oral health protection. Schedule a visit with Coppertop Family Dentistry in Redmond, OR today by contacting us at (541) 923-5927.